What on earth does a private US citizen need an assault rifle for?


no really, I want to know. Explain this to me.

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Mitt Romney’s loss on Tuesday laid bare a Republican demographic problem that, if not addressed, could transform the GOP into a permanent minority party.

Romney dominated among white voters, who made up 72 percent of the electorate: He won that group by 20 percentage points, according to thenational exit poll. But he was crushed among Latinos, who broke for President Obama 71 percent to 27 percent.

The former group is shrinking as a portion of the electorate. In 1988,they were 85 percent of all voters. By the year 2000, that was down to 81 percent. It’s fallen nine more points since them. The Latino population, meanwhile, is growing at a staggering pace: Latinos accounted for more than half of the U.S. population increase between 2000 and 2010,according to the 2010 census. The black and Asian vote, which also broke overwhelmingly for the president, is also growing. Blacks were 13 percent of the electorate this year, up from 10 percent in 1988; Asians have risen from one percent of the electorate to three percent over the past two decades.

It’s a demographic reality that already has some Republicans calling for a new course in the wake of Romney’s defeat.

"The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them,” said Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

This is classic Republican Party post-Nixon.

Reconsider strategy, not your platform.

Come up with novel candidates, not novel ideas.

See, their idea of how to deal with the demographic reality of America today is to come up with different talking heads to say the same old shit to new groups. Get more black and latino candidates to talk about why affirmative action is bad and immigration should be super-difficult. They will never consider changing their basic set of ideas, which is that rich old white guys should continue to run everything via big business and big money, and that human rights should be parceled out according to their personal religious preferences. They’re just gonna look for new ways to sell it.

I don’t expect them to figure this out anytime soon. Especially as long as guys like Karl Rove are still around. Expect more of the same in 2016, to diminishing returns. 

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We all know that Republicans are trying to steal another election this year. They’re discouraging minority voters, reducing early voting hours in swing states like Ohio (which results in longer lines for would-be voters), discounting ballots, tampering with ballots, and sending out volunteers to harass voters  (you can read more about the GOP’s dirty tricks here).

Steve Almond has a brilliant idea for documenting these voter suppression efforts:

…[M]ost Americans never witnessed voter disenfranchisement directly. But today, most citizens carry with them a powerful tool: phones with the capacity to take pictures and video.

It is my unsolicited advice that some fair-minded tech genius set up a website (right now) that allows voters to upload pictures and videos, if their right to vote is abrogated—either by a polling official, or simply because a polling place closed before they could vote. Snap up a domain name was such as IWasDeniedMyVote2012.org.

If you’re a legal voter who wants desperately to cast a ballot, but you can’t afford to wait four hours to vote because you’ll get fired and you have a family to support, take a video of yourself at your overcrowded polling place. Tell your story.

If you’re a voter in Ohio or Florida or Pennsylvania who is waiting in line and it becomes apparent that you’re not going to get to cast a vote before your polling place closes, make a video and explain what’s happening. Don’t just give up and leave.

You can’t prove voter disenfranchisement ex-post facto. You need to show people what it means in real time, in moving pictures, so they can see the injustice.

Then make sure that these videos are immediately transmitted to reporters at local television stations and newspapers. This is the only way Republican governors such as Rick Scott and John Kasich will be compelled to extend voting hours—if the media pressures becomes great enough to overwhelm their partisan motives.

"The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term."
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So far as I can tell, the difference between Libertarians and Republicans is that Libertarians are openly selfish, while Republicans pretend their policies will benefit everybody and it’s only a coincidence that they personally will benefit first and most of all.

I mean that’s what all that “Trickle-Down” shit is about, right?

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Florida’s disgraced former GOP chairman says the party had meetings about “keeping blacks from voting”

SALON.com— In the debate over new laws meant to curb voter fraud in places like Florida, Democrats always charge that Republicans are trying to suppress the vote of liberal voting blocs like blacks and young people, while Republicans just laugh at such ludicrous and offensive accusations. That is, every Republican except for Florida’s former Republican Party chairman Jim Greer, who, scorned by his party and in deep legal trouble, blew the lid off what he claims was a systemic effort to suppress the black vote. In a 630-page deposition recorded over two days in late May, Greer, who is on trial for corruption charges, unloaded a litany of charges against the “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” in his party, including the effort to suppress the black vote.

In the deposition, released to the press yesterday, Greer mentioned a December 2009 meeting with party officials. “I was upset because the political consultants and staff were talking about voter suppression and keeping blacks from voting,” he said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. He also said party officials discussed how “minority outreach programs were not fit for the Republican Party,” according to the AP.


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GOP To Make 31st Attempt To Repeal Obamacare


The House Rules Committee takes up a bill Monday called the “Repeal of Obamacare Act.” And just like it says, the bill would wipe away the president’s Affordable Care Act. A vote of the full House is planned for Wednesday.

It’s the first legislative response from House Republicans after the Supreme Court upheld the law. But it is far from the first time the GOP has voted for repeal.

Over the past 18 months, the House has taken 30 floor votes to try to repeal, defund or dismantle the health care law. The first attempt came on Jan. 19, 2011 just two weeks after the GOP took control of the House.

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You’d think they’d give up, but it seems what they are doing is pounding on the issue hoping the other side gets sick of fighting over it.

I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop any time soon.

I really hope this is going to blow up in their faces in the fall.

If the democrats weren’t such idiots about everything they could easily make it work in their favor, the amount of time the Republican House of Representatives wasted on efforts (that they KNEW could not work) to repeal legislation that the majority of Americans WANT. 

Meanwhile what are they doing about the economy? Education? Finishing regulating Wall Street so they can’t flush us all down the toilet again? Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Y’know, the whole idea of Moveon.org, as I remember it, was to get savvy about these things exactly because the Democrats are so terrible at public relations. Now like basically every other “activist” organization they’re just another self-serving political institution maneuvering for their own glory.

"I guess some of this mad right-wing love comes from the idea that in America, anyone can become a Rich Guy if he just works hard and saves his pennies. Mitt Romney has said, in effect, “I’m rich and I don’t apologize for it.” Nobody wants you to, Mitt. What some of us want—those who aren’t blinded by a lot of bullshit persiflage thrown up to mask the idea that rich folks want to keep their damn money—is for you to acknowledge that you couldn’t have made it in America without America. That you were fortunate enough to be born in a country where upward mobility is possible (a subject upon which Barack Obama can speak with the authority of experience), but where the channels making such upward mobility possible are being increasingly clogged. That it’s not fair to ask the middle class to assume a disproportionate amount of the tax burden. Not fair? It’s un-f—king-American, is what it is. I don’t want you to apologize for being rich; I want you to acknowledge that in America, we all should have to pay our fair share. That our civics classes never taught us that being American means that—sorry, kiddies—you’re on your own. That those who have received much must be obligated to pay—not to give, not to “cut a check and shut up,” in Gov. Christie’s words, but to pay—in the same proportion. That’s called stepping up and not whining about it. That’s called patriotism, a word the Tea Partiers love to throw around as long as it doesn’t cost their beloved rich folks any money."





Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths

In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, we’ve seen a lot of discussion of the larger societal issues that play into how and when people are perceived as criminals. There were hoodies, there were marches, and there were frank talks from parent to child about how to minimize the danger of being a young person of color. On the other side, there were justifications of George Zimmerman’s actions: a smear campaign against Martin’s character, and plenty of writers explaining that statistically, blacks are simply more dangerous to be around.

That framing ignores the realities behind the numbers. Here are five myths about crime and people of color.

CC: Click on the photo of the third myth in order to see the fourth one (perhaps this is just my pc, but it isn’t showing).

besides the black-and-white overtone in this analysis (you know, lots of other folx experience various versions of this bullshit, including Indigenous people (like, hella) who aren’t even represented here), these are some useful statistics to have under the belt. (like, eat them).

So is it just me or did the non-internet news media just ignore that Santorum dropped the N-word?

I had NPR on for a lot of the weekend while I was doing stuff. Lots of mentions of Santorum and the Wisconsin primary. Mentions of his use of a racial slur? ZERO.

Some of the online versions of newspapers and magazines picked up the story, but did the print editions? Not that I saw.

Has anyone seen coverage of this story offline?


Republicans learned that painful lesson as the Rush Limbaugh “slut” fiasco made headlines for days on end. With the Voice of the Republican Party engulfed in one of the most damaging (and self-inflicted) controversies of his career, and with parts of the GOP Noise Machine scrambling to actually defend Limbaugh, as well as to echo his misogynist taunts, it’s been the larger conservative movement that has been absorbing the worst blows.

For a Republican Party already suffering from a yawning gender gap, Limbaugh’s hijacking of the news cycle last week must have been unwelcome news. But this is what happens when Republicans sponsor an irresponsible media Noise Machine that’s designed to offend and attack and is designed to dehumanize its political enemies. This is what happens when the wheels fall off in spectacular fashion, like Limbaugh spending three days smearing, by name, a Georgetown University Law School student as greedy nymphomaniac having so much sex “it’s amazing she can still walk.”

It’s no secret Republican leaders live in fear of Limbaugh and over the years have found it almost impossible to publicly criticize even his most outlandish and hateful statements. Those few who did stop forward were often forced to then quickly reversed course and apologize to Limbaugh. Just like Republicans have had to bow down to kingmakers at Fox News and embrace their lowest common denominator programming.

The truth is the conservative movement in America has become a media-based one, delegating an absurd amount of influence to bloggers, cable channels and talk show hosts. In turn, that movement suffered a collective collapse last week. Incapable of self-reflection, player after player, including those at Fox News, rushed forward to condemn the law student and/or to insist the AM talker had done nothing wrong by, A) insulting the young woman, B) mocking her parents C) demanding she post videos of herself having sex online, and D) suggesting she was using condoms when she was in elementary school.

Large portions of the right-wing media complex saw nothing wrong with that kind of behavior; saw nothing wrong with the 53 bullying smears Limbaugh unloaded on the student in front of his national radio audience. Not only did they defend Limbaugh, they lashed out at anyone who suggested the titan talker lacked common sense. And then they stomped on Sandra Fluke’s reputation some more.

A sample of the swill:

  • Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin denounced Fluke as a “femme-agogu tool.”
  • The right-wing site Jawa Report illustrated a post about Fluke with a picture of a tattoo that reads “Semen Demon.”
  • Pam Geller wrote that Fluke is “banging it five times a day” and that “calling this whore a slut was a softball.”
  • Accuracy in Media’s Don Irvine called her a “skank.”
  • Former CPAC Blogger of The Year, Ace of Spades, called Fluke a “shiftless rent-a-cooch from East Whoreville.”
  • Michelle Malkin guest blogger Doug Ross used “Got Slut?” in a headline and suggested Fluke suffered from “nymphomania.”
  • Dana Loesch complained the controversy surrounding Limbaugh’s three-day “slut” campaign represented a “manufactured” story. (This, before Limbaugh responded to the “manufactured” story by issuing a rare public statement.)

This is nuts. (What word would you choose?) A law student testifies about contraception and within days conservative commentators are sprinting towards their microphones and keyboards in order to find ways to call her a slutty, semen demon?

That’s what a nervous breakdown looks like and that’s what has been broadcast across AM talk radio, Fox News and the Internet since last Wednesday.


The Republican Party years ago made a Faustian bargain with the right-wing Noise Machine. And now it’s paying the price.

Blogger Tod Kelly made this observation in the wake of Limbaugh’s “slut” debacle:

The people behind the people in the GOP aren’t idiots. They know perfectly well that this whole battle on contraception is going to kill them in a few months; they certainly know that the Right’s most visible pundits lamely and uncomfortably trying to rally around Limbaugh is especially bad news for them.

Republicans know this “slut” controversy has been a disaster for them politically, yet they were powerless to do anything about it. Powerless to stop it.

That’s because Republicans can’t turn off the Noise Machine, even when it’s in the throes of a nervous breakdown.

Just look at the cruelty, venomous and vileness of the Conservative attack! Their media leader, Rush Limbaugh, is rightfully under attack and these moronic lemmings follow his lead… right off the cliff!

Their Fascist Nazi forefathers would be so proud.



“Trickle Down Economics”

Always relevant.



“Trickle Down Economics”

Always relevant.

Dear Rick Santorum

I pretty much hate your guts, but I hope your kid is okay.



Santorum defended his tongue-slip on FOX News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” saying: “I looked at that, and I didn’t say that. If you look at it, what I started to say is a word and then sort of changed and it sort of — blah — came out. And people said I said ‘black.’ I didn’t. And I can tell you, I don’t use — I don’t — first off, I don’t use the term ‘black’ very often. I use the term ‘African-American’ more than I use ‘black… I can tell you as someone who did more work for historically black colleges, I used to have — every year, I used to bring all the historically black colleges into Washington, DC to try to help them, because they get very little federal money through the bureaucracy, and so I help to try to introduce them to people in the Department of Education so they could have more resources.”


We’ve barely started the year and I think we’ve already found the worst lie of 2012.