Things that are not an accident:

  • Feminism succeeds as a workplace phenomenon, reducing (slooooowly) the wage gap for white women, with the result of putting more warm bodies in the corporate workforce. Feminism has not yet achieved: family leave, universal childcare provisions, reproductive justice, eliminating the epidemic-level mother&child poverty, eliminating epidemic-level violence against women, etc etc etc.
  • Environmentalism succeeds as an individualist consumer movement, enabling corporations to sell morally superior “green” products to a loyal customer base. Environmentalism fails to produce strict government regulations against pollution, factory farming, chemical contamination of ground water, and other environmentally harmful actions by these very same corporations. 
  • Health care reform results in everyone having health insurance, rather than everyone having universal health care.
  • Status quo is maintained. The only changes permitted are those advantageous to business, or at least not harmful to corporate profits.

Also think racism and GLBT rights figure in here but I’m less sure how.

  • Open racial segregation eliminated (schools and workplaces desegregated), unofficial economic racial segregation maintained (housing strongly segregated, non-white neighborhoods have fewer services and opportunities).
  • GLBT rights get boiled down to Equal Marriage and only Equal Marriage. All other issues (discrimination, hate-crimes, poverty, health-care access, etc) fall by the wayside. Alternative family structures and lifestyles not even up for consideration.
  • Rights of the Disabled Community advance not very much at all
  • Something about how interdependence and community is continuously discouraged in favor of independence and the nuclear family.
  • Derision and active punishment for citizens who don’t/can’t participate in maximizing somebody’s profits.

Bleh. I’m just thinking out loud here I guess.


Excerpt from article:

Many Americans are still afflicted by the damages created by the financial downturn in 2008. Millions of Americans were put out of work, lost their savings, and had their homes foreclosed. One of the most prominent side effects stemming from the recession is a growth in poor credit ratings. Americans are now trying to get back on their feet, however, being denied jobs because of poor credit ratings is all too common. Elizabeth Warren has just introduced a bill in the Senate which would bar prospective employers from checking and denying employment based on credit scores.

The Equal Employment For All Act would help millions of poor Americans who were disproportionately affected by the financial crisis. According to research, roughly 47 percent of employers check credit history in order to judge the competence and character of job applicants. However, the credit rating of individuals doesn’t necessarily predict the potential productivity of their labor.

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*starts doodling Elizabeth Warren’s name in a notebook with hearts and flowers around it*



I was unaware that my own discontent and anger at the Tory party could grow. Read more for a proper break down of why this is happening (and, if you actually need the explanation, why it shouldn’t be).


"Ryan believes that the main impediment facing poor people is the existence of government programs that give them money and health care – a problem his budget rectifies by cutting subsidies to the poor. Those subsidies, Ryan has said, amount to a “a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives.”"

Paul Ryan: Poor People Need Jesus, Not Food — Daily Intelligencer (via adozi)

AND YET the very same people will tout religious charity, food pantries, and other forms of individual charity rather than more efficient and effective government programs that don’t require people to go to church to access them, and use THAT as evidence that we don’t need government programs in the first place.

Basically, disconnect people from public support systems and substitute ineffective and conditional private endeavors, as we slowly corporatize every aspect of life as we know it, maximizing profits for the wealthy and penalizing the poor for not benefiting from a system that’s set up to screw them.

Cover of the Boston Metro today. No, they didn’t accidentally photoshop the same guy on the cover twice: those are the two actual candidates for mayor of Boston.
Oh, Boston. We’re the city where you can have two Democrats facing off for mayor and STILL end up with two identical white dudes without a single original thought in their heads. 
Which pretty much epitomizes why I’m not bothering to vote today — I’m not leaving work early so I can play eeny-meeny-miney-moe in the voting booth.

Cover of the Boston Metro today. No, they didn’t accidentally photoshop the same guy on the cover twice: those are the two actual candidates for mayor of Boston.

Oh, Boston. We’re the city where you can have two Democrats facing off for mayor and STILL end up with two identical white dudes without a single original thought in their heads. 

Which pretty much epitomizes why I’m not bothering to vote today — I’m not leaving work early so I can play eeny-meeny-miney-moe in the voting booth.



And then there were nine

I found it unbelievable that there had only been 8 Black Senators, but it is true! Congrats Senator Booker!

"The House has fought with everything it has to convince the president of the United States to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country’s debt and providing fairness for the American people under ObamaCare. That fight will continue. But blocking the bipartisan agreement reached today by the members of the Senate will not be a tactic for us. In addition to the risk of default, doing so would open the door for the Democratic majority in Washington to raise taxes again on the American people and undo the spending caps in the 2011 Budget Control Act without replacing them with better spending cuts. With our nation’s economy still struggling under years of the president’s policies, raising taxes is not a viable option. Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s health care law will continue. We will rely on aggressive oversight that highlights the law’s massive flaws and smart, targeted strikes that split the legislative coalition the president has relied upon to force his health care law on the American people."

Passive-Agressive John Boehner is passive-agressive as he agrees to hold a vote on the Senate deal that doesn’t give him what he wanted and to mask my rage over the fact that it took two fucking weeks I am going to entertain myself by posting pictures of John Boehner crying.


I left home at age 10 in 1961. I hustled on 42nd Street. The early 60s was not a good time for drag queens, effeminate boys or boys that wore makeup like we did.

Back then we were beat up by the police, by everybody. I didn’t really come out as a drag queen until the late 60s.

When drag queens were arrested, what degradation there was. I remember the first time I got arrested, I wasn’t even in full drag. I was walking down the street and the cops just snatched me.

We always felt that the police were the real enemy. We expected nothing better than to be treated like we were animals-and we were.

We were stuck in a bullpen like a bunch of freaks. We were disrespected. A lot of us were beaten up and raped.

When I ended up going to jail, to do 90 days, they tried to rape me. I very nicely bit the shit out of a man.

I’ve been through it all.

In 1969, the night of the Stonewall riot, was a very hot, muggy night. We were in the Stonewall [bar] and the lights came on. We all stopped dancing. The police came in.

They had gotten their payoff earlier in the week. But Inspector Pine came in-him and his morals squad-to spend more of the government’s money.

We were led out of the bar and they cattled us all up against the police vans. The cops pushed us up against the grates and the fences. People started throwing pennies, nickels, and quarters at the cops.

And then the bottles started. And then we finally had the morals squad barricaded in the Stonewall building, because they were actually afraid of us at that time. They didn’t know we were going to react that way.

We were not taking any more of this shit. We had done so much for other movements. It was time.

It was street gay people from the Village out front-homeless people who lived in the park in Sheridan Square outside the bar-and then drag queens behind them and everybody behind us. The Stonewall Inn telephone lines were cut and they were left in the dark.

One Village Voice reporter was in the bar at that time. And according to the archives of the Village Voice, he was handed a gun from Inspector Pine and told, “We got to fight our way out of there.”

This was after one Molotov cocktail was thrown and we were ramming the door of the Stonewall bar with an uprooted parking meter. So they were ready to come out shooting that night.

Finally the Tactical Police Force showed up after 45 minutes. A lot of people forget that for 45 minutes we had them trapped in there.

All of us were working for so many movements at that time. Everyone was involved with the women’s movement, the peace movement, the civil-rights movement. We were all radicals. I believe that’s what brought it around.

You get tired of being just pushed around.

STAR came about after a sit-in at Wein stein Hall at New York University in 1970. Later we had a chapter in New York, one in Chicago, one in California and England.

STAR was for the street gay people, the street homeless people and anybody that needed help at that time. Marsha and I had always sneaked people into our hotel rooms. Marsha and I decided to get a building. We were trying to get away from the Mafia’s control at the bars.

We got a building at 213 East 2nd Street. Marsha and I just decided it was time to help each other and help our other kids. We fed people and clothed people. We kept the building going. We went out and hustled the streets. We paid the rent.

We didn’t want the kids out in the streets hustling. They would go out and rip off food. There was always food in the house and everyone had fun. It lasted for two or three years.

We would sit there and ask, “Why do we suffer?” As we got more involved into the movements, we said, “Why do we always got to take the brunt of this shit?”

Later on, when the Young Lords [revolutionary Puerto Rican youth group] came about in New York City, I was already in GLF [Gay Liberation Front]. There was a mass demonstration that started in East Harlem in the fall of 1970. The protest was against police repression and we decided to join the demonstration with our STAR banner.

That was one of first times the STAR banner was shown in public, where STAR was present as a group.

I ended up meeting some of the Young Lords that day. I became one of them. Any time they needed any help, I was always there for the Young Lords. It was just the respect they gave us as human beings. They gave us a lot of respect.

It was a fabulous feeling for me to be myself-being part of the Young Lords as a drag queen-and my organization [STAR] being part of the Young Lords.

I met [Black Panther Party leader] Huey Newton at the Peoples’ Revolutionary Convention in Philadelphia in 1971. Huey decided we were part of the revolution-that we were revolutionary people.

I was a radical, a revolutionist. I am still a revolutionist. I was proud to make the road and help change laws and what-not. I was very proud of doing that and proud of what I’m still doing, no matter what it takes.

Today, we have to fight back against the government. We have to fight them back. They’re cutting back Medicaid, cutting back on medicine for people with AIDS. They want to take away from women on welfare and put them into that little work program. They’re going to cut SSI.

Now they’re taking away food stamps. These people who want the cuts-these people are making millions and millions and millions of dollars as CEOs.

Why is the government going to take it away from us? What they’re doing is cutting us back. Why can’t we have a break?

I’m glad I was in the Stonewall riot. I remember when someone threw a Molotov cocktail, I thought: “My god, the revolution is here. The revolution is finally here!”

I always believed that we would have a fight back. I just knew that we would fight back. I just didn’t know it would be that night.

I am proud of myself as being there that night. If I had lost that moment, I would have been kind of hurt because that’s when I saw the world change for me and my people.

Of course, we still got a long way ahead of us.



So, Imagine that the company you work for held a poll, and asked everyone if they thought it would be a good idea to put a soda machine in the break room. The poll came back, and the majority of your colleagues said “Yes”, indicating that they would like a soda machine. Some said no, but the majority said yes. So, a week later, there’s a soda machine. Now imagine that Bill in accounting voted against the soda machine. He has a strong hatred for caffeinated soft drinks, thinks they are bad you you, whatever. He campaigns throughout the office to get the machine removed. Well, management decides “OK, we’ll ask again” and again, the majority of people say “Yes, lets keep the soda machine.” Bill continues to campaign, and management continues to ask the employees, and every time, the answer is in favor of the soda machine. This happens, lets say… 35 times. Eventually, Bill says “OK, I’M NOT PROCESSING PAYROLL ANYMORE UNTIL THE SODA MACHINE IS REMOVED”, so nobody will get paid unless management removes the machine. What should we do???

Answer: Fire Bill and get someone who will do the fucking job.

Bonus: Bill tells everyone that he was willing to “Negotiate”, to come to a solution where everyone got their payroll checks, but only so long as that negotiation capitulated to his demand to remove the soda machine.

Bill is a fucking jackass.


Brian Krewson (via themetricruler)

gov shut down metaphores

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"John Boehner is dishonest, dangerous, and deranged. He must not be in any way accommodated or appeased. His brand of politics must be destroyed or else he will destroy this nation."

Sometimes I ask myself why it is that we accept that all citizens should get at least a baseline level of education for free, publicly funded, because it is a good thing for the country in general for its citizens to be educated, but we can’t agree to do the same for medical care?

And then I remember all the ongoing efforts to privatize and monetize schools and dismantle the public school system and I need a good stiff drink. 




This shutdown is KILLING PEOPLE. That’s not hyperbole. For people who desperately need access to experimental medication, a week or two could be the difference between life and death 

File under: Reasons I don’t give a shit about you not getting to watch the leaves change at national parks

Note that even if the shutdown ends today, depending on the strictness of the qualifications needed to participate in the research or the sensitivity of the tests, people participating have essentially been screwed out of participating and/or getting the full benefits of any tested treatments.

Also a reminder that there could be people participating in this research that are, or have other family members that are also dependent on social aid programs like WIC.

And lastly, fuck the GOP.

I want to scream at all the newspapers that keep talking about TOURISM DOLLARS when this is what’s really happening. 

So let me get this straight: workers striking to make 18,000 a year instead of 15,000 are “greedy”, but the heads of the company who keep wages low so that they can take home $3 million a year are “not greedy”?


America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without guns? (Recommended)

America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without guns? (Recommended)