the problem with euthanasia

the problem with euthanasia is that we end up working so much harder to end the lives of the sick and disabled than we do to prolong them.

society makes it so difficult and expensive to relieve pain and go out in public and do the activities of daily life that death is preferable, and our solution is to make it easier to die? that’s fucked up!

if an able-bodied person tries to kill themselves, rightly or wrongly people step in. they might even end up hospitalized to try to stop them from completing their suicide attempt. but if a sick or disabled person wants to commit suicide, that’s different.  this is considered a sane response to becoming disabled. of course they want to kill themselves. it’s understandable. we’ll even help them do it.

it sends the message that some people are better off dead, that they are a drain on their families and on society and it’s not worth the effort to try to make their lives better. There are things we could be doing to reintegrate these people into public life, to give them what they need to live their daily lives comfortably for as long as possible, and without dragging entire families into unimaginable debt. Instead we talk about their right to die. Which isn’t even a choice if you’re not giving people any other options. It’s more of a suggestion.

It’s wrong, imho.

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    What if the person has zero hope of getting better? When does quality of life become more important than quantity? Why...
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    I’d also like to see people stop seeing opposition to euthanasia as a conservative or pro-life agenda. Because some of...
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    Some excellent points. I would definitely also like to see more discussion and actual action around trying to help...
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    Having been told first by my chronically ill mother, that she did not wish to live as a vegetable should it come to that...
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    I usually stand firmly on the side of euthanasia, but this really gave me pause. Your argument for improving care and...